This trick was the most shocking of the year.
The fact that the cards are completely examinable is a testament to its perfection.
It reminded me of the first time I saw Mr. Nicholas in America!
This is definitely the best trick of the year!

Easy and practical. A completely new card trick.
Place a card face down in the gap between the film and the card case, cast a spell, and it will instantly change into another card.

This is a very “practical” magic trick that easily resets and can be performed repeatedly.

In addition, you can make a card appear, move, change, disappear, etc., depending on your ideas, and also change the card to the one signed by the spectator.

The secret is in the card case.
Yuji Enei has created a bold and clever gimmick that will take your breath away if you love magic. The gimmick is not only durable, but also easy to maintain.

Please enjoy the world of Yuji Enei.

Bicycle playing cards (red)
Gimmick set
Refill set (can be used for maintenance)
Explanatory video (2-dimensional code)

What’s in it?


(Time required : adout 10 minutes)

Open the deck, remove the contents, and cut off the lid with scissors. (You can do this neatly by cutting along the crease of the lid.)

Remove the magnet from the board in the gimmick set, and remove the film of double-sided tape underneath. Also, make sure that the angle between the large and small boards is 90°.

Place the gimmick board in the case so that it is on the front side of the case. Insert it all the way in and glue it to the bottom of the case with double-sided tape.

Slide the gimmick to the back side of the case and magnetically attach the included magnet to the back of the case.

Attach the sticker enclosed in the gimmick set to the back side of the case. Align the sticker with the top of the case.

Prepare the film to be attached to the case. Cut the bag that comes with the gimmick set about 5cm from the top.

Attach the film to the case. It will be easier to insert the case if you put two cards inside the film first, and then put the case in between them.

Finally, remove the card.

Bend the excess part of the film and secure it with cellophane tape.

Finally, try moving the gimmick left and right, and if it gets caught on the side of the case, cut the side of the case with scissors.

If the gimmick works smoothly, you are done.

Basic operations of Photoframe

Once you learn this operation, you can turn it into a force card.

Turn it into a signature card.

This is a method of setting autograph cards in a case using bottom control and palm.

Various maintenance methods